digATX understands that Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED) has grown into arguably the most complex aspect of the discovery phase of litigation. As it stands now, over 90% of business documents and communications are created electronically in varied forms, including desktop applications, business databases and email.


The proper management of electronic data has become increasingly important in light of recent sanctions and adverse inferences against law firms and their clients who fail to adequately account for electronic evidence. This is why digATX works with our clients every step of the way to help simplify the electronic discovery process and create accurate, defensible data collections and production sets.

digATX knows that a lot of information is time-sensitive. This is why we offer our services 365 days a year at any time, with no extra cost for pickup and delivery no matter the urgency.


Our comprehensive set of services span the life cycle of e-discovery projects from the planning, collection and analysis phases, through review and production.
  • Provide pre-production file lists reports and page estimates
  • Work with clients to define searching and culling options to effectively reduce data sets
  • Extract email and documents from data sources
  • Analyze and manage large volumes of data, documents and email
  • Capture essential metadata and extracted text from emails and attachments
  • Create load files for all popular litigation support software
  • Process selected data set to TIFF, PDF, HTML & XML or paper